Novelist Samantha Hunt Contemplates Her Obsession with One Direction, and Mortality, Too


For any middle age or older woman who may occasionally feel foolish about loving a boy band, or (in my case) a “boy” formerly of a “boy band” who grew into a performing genius of a man… a.k.a. Justin Timberlake. This lady makes no apologies, nor do I.


I love it here. I love girls, my three girls in particular. But I also love the hormonal girls who fill the ranks of 1D’s fans, Directioners. They are unembarrassed by their extreme passions. They are honestly mad for love or whatever chemistry the band is brewing in their bodies. The documentary film Crazy About One Direction records one fan admitting she got braces put on her teeth not because she needed them but because Niall had braces. Another girl says that if the boys asked her to chop off her arm, she would. A third confesses she’d kill a cat, no, a goat, in order to meet the boys. These girls build galaxies out of whole cloth. They’d fight any battle for their seigneurs.

Tonight the mass of girls before me in the arena, swarming like insects, raises a question of economy. How many waitressing shifts, humid summer jobs…

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