Collateral Damage-in the Shadow of the Trump Administration

This is the thing: I don’t want “collateral damage” people in my life. No, I don’t understand their thinking. What’s the chance they’ll ever understand mine?


In a Land of Strangers

If God were going to be merciful and take pity on us, he would have arranged for one candidate to soundly trounce the other. Instead, we find ourselves being put to this macabre test.

On the meaning of life, love, loss…. and Facebook

Prologue Facebook is a twenty-first-century fixture, a staple of life in America and abroad.  Its detractors have written volumes about its destructive, negative capabilities.  I admit that I do allow myself to be sucked into the negativity – during political seasons or when something “egregious” happens in my world that I deem serious enough for…

A Reflection on This Summer

“The Fair closed last night.  It’s the end of Summer.”  Every year I hear this phrase repeated on the local news broadcast.  For some reason, it always makes me irrationally annoyed.  My theory has always been that it is NOT the end of Summer, at least not according to any calendar I’ve ever owned.  If…